Newfoundland Gold Welcomes Newest Member: MLK Gold

Vancouver, BC -, 2022: Newfoundland.Gold is pleased to welcome its newest member company, MLK Gold to the marketing alliance of industry leaders. Newfoundland.Gold is a strategic marketing alliance comprised of gold exploration and mining companies focused on the advancement of the mineral sector in Canada’s Newfoundland and Labrador province. Collectively these industry leaders are committed to bringing awareness to an exciting and supportive jurisdiction while generating shareholder value through responsible and innovative exploration and development.

About MLK Gold

In 2018, MLK Gold Ltd. (“MLK” or “MLK GOLD” or the “Company”) was formed through an RTO plan of arrangement between Mountain Lake Minerals Inc. and 1151024 B.C. Ltd. A new Spinout Company (1167343 B.C. Ltd.) was created to hold all the mineral assets of Mountain Lake Minerals pursuant to the agreement. Subsequently, 1151024 B.C. Ltd. was renamed Pac Roots Cannabis Corp. (“Pac Roots”). The Spinout, (1167343 B.C. Ltd.), was later renamed back to Mountain Lake Minerals Inc. holding all the mineral assets transferred from Pac Roots. Prior to listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”), Mountain Lake Minerals was renamed to MLK Gold Ltd.

About Us

Newfoundland.Gold is focused on bringing awareness to the exploration and mining companies in Canada’s Newfoundland & Labrador.      

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