Real Ways to Make Mining a More Responsible Industry

Mining in a socially responsible manner produces a better workforce and investment in the local economy. This leads to fewer labour shortages and conflict with indigenous people. It also improves access to business services and lower costs for supplies. If you are interested to know how mining can be made more sustainable and responsible, continue reading. 

Real Ways to Make Mining a More Responsible Industry

1 – Make Mining More Transparent

Transparency is key to making mining more responsible. Companies should be required to reveal their mining practices to the public. Communities should be able to know what kinds of metals are being extracted from their land, the ways in which they are being extracted, and the local profits communities are receiving.

2 – Apply Engineering Discipline to Solving Social Problems

Society needs to develop ways to design operations in a more responsible way. Engineers should be involved in these decisions because they have the training and experience to understand the social and environmental effects of their work. Engineers can research and design mines to reduce the environmental impact on a community. They can also provide the planning and technical advice to make sure a mine is built in a responsible way.

3 – Engage Local Communities in Planning and Decision Making

Local communities can assist mining companies in planning and constructing responsible mines. By working with the local community, mining companies can see the value of working with indigenous peoples. They can also gain support for responsible mining by engaging the community in the decision-making and planning process.

4 – Make Mining Part of the Solution

Mining companies should be encouraged to be part of the solution for environmental issues like pollution and climate change. Mining companies can help reduce pollution by using cleaner technology and by being active participants in reducing climate change. Miners can also share their research and expertise with other industries that could use it.

5 – Acknowledge That Mining Has a Social Purpose

Mining is a resource extraction industry. However, it is not the only industry that has the sole purpose of creating profit for shareholders. It is important for mining companies to acknowledge that mining has a social purpose and that it plays an important role in the development of society. Therefore, mining companies should be required to give back to their local communities in order to make mining more responsible.

6 – Support Local Capacity Building

Local communities should have access to information and technical skills that are necessary to take better advantage of mining operations. This will help them to use the wealth generated by these operations to develop their local economy.


Responsible mining policies are important for ensuring that future generations inherit a healthy, sustainable world. By implementing these changes, mining can become a more responsible industry. By being more transparent, exploring ways to engineer responsible mines, engaging local communities in the planning and decision-making process, supporting local capacity building, and acknowledging that mining has a social purpose, mining can make a positive difference in the community.

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